Kazuhiro Kobayashi

Head of Japan

Kazuhiro “Kazu” Kobayashi joined Sozo Ventures in April 2017.

Kazu is the Head of Japan of Sozo Ventures and is responsible for helping portfolio companies create business development opportunities in Japan and other global markets.

Before joining Sozo, Kazu worked as a sales representative at NCR. He worked with clients to design and build strategic sales methods that linked single-item product management and customer management for retailers in the early days of barcode-based single-item management, contributing to a significant increase in sales. At IT Frontier, a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and IBM, he successfully launched Japan’s first outsourcing business for the BASIS operation of SAP R/3. In addition, he has achieved business alliances in IT services with significant companies in the US, Germany, China, and Brazil and launched IT outsourcing services.

Other experience includes aspiring to be a global entrepreneur, establishing a business company, launching several Japanese restaurants in China, and working as an IT consultant to improve operations, develop systems, and design operations for clients in the automotive manufacturing and retail industries.

Experience in inbound and outbound for customers and companies as a call center representative and manager leading a call center team. He also has experience in legal and administrative work related to radio waves at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

After graduating from Tokyo Computer College, he majored in electronics technology at DeVry Institute of Technology. He dropped out because the corporate offer was more attractive than a science degree.

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    Japan office
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